FORCE | Eleni Kitra – Hardback
FORCE | Eleni Kitra – Hardback

FORCE | Eleni Kitra – Hardback

Join Eleni Kitra and 20 remarkable trailblazers from companies such as Meta, GM, Xprize, Kellogg’s and Reebok as they tell real-life stories in ‘Force’. ‘Force’ is a treasure trove of personal insights on business, life, society and the contemporary world, offering a global perspective that will ignite your spirit.

Explore the captivating stories of individuals driven by profound purpose, fearlessly embracing change, and emerging as true forces of life. Their experiences will resonate with your soul, inspiring you to unlock untapped potential and become a force of positive transformation. Join us on this empowering expedition, and let ‘FORCE’ be your guiding light towards a brighter future.

Being a ‘FORCE’ is more than an action, it's a mindset. The shared insights have the power to spark profound change within you. Delve into these transformative narratives, dare to be different, and embrace your uniqueness. Let their experiences inspire you to unleash your inner ‘FORCE’ and be a catalyst for change in your own life and beyond.

Thank you for being a ‘FORCE’.

Co-authors: Amadou Diallo, Anousheh Ansari, Aparna Acharekar, Fares Akad, Joe Foster, Kirthiga Reddy, Melina Taprantzi, Nader Al Bastaki, Nikos Lagousakos, Noha Hefny, Noor Sweid, Ramez Shehadi, Sallyann Della Casa, Sharon Nishi, Sonia Trigueros, Steven Foster, Subhra Das, Xavi Anglada.

Foreword from Elda Choucair.