Dubai Business Leaders Steven Foster – Hardback
Dubai Business Leaders Steven Foster – Hardback

Dubai Business Leaders Steven Foster – Hardback


Paperback | 279 Pages

£20 from every hardback sold goes to charity!

One Golden Nugget Founder, Steven Foster takes a whirlwind ride across the glistening landscape of one of the wealthiest cities in the Middle East, searching for ambitious, innovative and visionary leaders all calling Dubai their home.

Success in this city is not measured purely by wealth, but by the positive transformation of lives and communities. Dubai Business Leaders encompasses a wide and varied group of successful entrepreneurs, and business leaders from all walks of life who have come together to share their insights, wisdom and modus operandi.

Learn from the very best on how to start your business, scale up, overcome obstacles, keep your finances in check, and ultimately, reach for the stars. With practical tips on how to keep moving forward, without losing your purpose, Dubai Business Leaders is a must-have reference book for anyone with an appetite to succeed and climb the lofty ladder of success.

Co-Authors: Dariush Soudi, Eleni Kitra, Mahmoud Bartawi, Chris Wright, Alex Meurer, Pegah Gol, Lucy Chow, Omar M. Almahmoud, Nina Seredai-Udalova, Shamaila Nawaz, Vyara Tosheva, Lameen Abdul-Malik, Dr John Francis, Dr. Mariam Shaikh, Katleen Penel, Marius Bogdan, Bijay Rajnikantt Shah, CFE, Silvia Mogas, Talha Shaikh and Dr Mohammad Nami.